How Does the GoReel Work?

As compact as it is capable, this little marvel is ready to unveil a world of adventure that fits right in your pocket. Unveil the joys of spontaneous fishing trips without the fuss of traditional gear. Ready, set, GoReel! Here’s how to get started in just three steps:

Step 1: Point the GoReel

First, hold your GoReel and point it at the place in the water where you want to catch fish. It's like pointing your finger to where you want the fish to be.

Step 2: Throw the Line

Hold the line a bit above the lure and swing your arm to throw it out into the water, just like you would throw a ball underhand. Give it a good, gentle swing and watch the line fly!

Step 3: Wind the Line

Hold your GoReel steady and wind the line back around it, just like you would roll up a toy yo-yo. Keep going until you see what you caught!

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