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GoReel Hand Reel Fishing Kit (Pocket) - Green

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Discover a new dimension of fishing with our GoReel Pocket Edition. Inspired by the timeless allure of handline fishing and designed for the adventurer on-the-go, this edition marries the classic GoReel hand reel's efficiency with a sleeker, even more compact container perfect for your EDC kit. 


  • Signature Hand Reel: Retain the same size and function of the beloved GoReel hand reel, ensuring you never compromise on the quality of your fishing experience.

  • Ultra-Compact Container: Sized down for ultra-portability, this container slips effortlessly into pockets, small pouches, or even the tiniest compartments in your backpack.

  • Robust Design: Don't be fooled by its size. The GoReel Pocket Edition is constructed with the same rugged materials to withstand your most challenging adventures.

  • Simplified Fishing: Strip away the complexities of traditional fishing gear. With the GoReel Pocket Edition, it's just you, the reel, and the open water.


  • One handreel
  • Mini Container
  • 30 yards of premium braided fishing line
  • Premium trout fishing tackle kit (3 Trout Magnet bodies, 3 Trout Magnet hooks)


  • 4 in X 4 in X 1.5 in

When space is at a premium but adventure calls, the GoReel Pocket Edition is your answer. Experience the thrill of fishing, wherever the journey takes you, without any extra baggage. Join the minimalist fishing revolution today!

Learn more about what handling fishing is here.

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